Communism is dead

Fascism is rising in Russia:

“Moscow Friday, November 4, 2005 – 5,000 people paraded thru downtown, carrying icons of Jesus Christ among other symbols. There was no violence, a great attitude, and very loud shouts of ‘Seig Heil’, ‘Heil Hitler’, along with ‘Russia for Russians’, ‘Glory to Russia, Russians rise!’,’ Russia is everything, everything else is nothing’.

‘God, this is just like Germany in 1933 – said an old lady, while taking her dog for a walk in downtown park, – didn’t we fight exactly this stuff?’

“Putin’s administration is confused, the Russian media is frenzied, the Russian nation – thrilled and happy! The Kremlin prohibited Russian TV channels from airing this information, and they didn’t, but people talk, and read, and learn, and choose; seems like the choice of the new Russian generation has been made.”

Putin’s tendencies are far from democratic and yet Western pressure will be minimal. His war in Chechnya – a supposed front in the “War on Terror” – is a festering sore and Blair and Bush are happy for the Russian leader to continue the brutality in the break-away province. Remember the new language post 9/11? Every country is fighting it’s own little terror. After all, the moral authority of Blair and Bush is as insignificant as a Putin babushka doll.

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