Counting the costs

Like so many other self-declared democracies, the Jewish state exports death:

Israel has passed Britain to become the world’s fourth largest exporter of weapons, Defense Ministry Director-General Pinchas Bucharis said yesterday.

Israel had a total of $4 billion in defense exports in 2007, Bucharis said.

The United States, Russia and France lead the world’s list of exporters.

With such high-tech weaponry, would you not think that Israel could be comfortable in its military supremacy? Of course not.

After Washington issued a stark warning that the Islamic Republic was not developing nuclear weapons, Israel was not happy. After all, the leadership loves a good war (even ones they don’t win, like Lebanon in 2006.)

Now we have the incoming Israeli ambassador to Britain claiming that war with Iran is “unavoidable” and an Israeli minister using the oft-cited Holocaust analogy:

The manner in which the Americans relate to the intelligence report on Iran is similar to the way in which they viewed those reports they received during the Holocaust on railways transporting hundreds of thousands of Jews to their death at Auschwitz.

What does this tell us? That the Israeli political and military establishment is so used to throwing its weight around the Middle East that another conflict, this time with Iran, is simply a good day’s work at the office.

The fact that the underlying issue is Iran’s challenge to Israel’s regional, nuclear hegemony is seemingly beyond the pale and cannot be mentioned in polite company. Instead, the Zionist lobby moves forward without letting the facts get in the way of a showdown.

If Iran is attacked, both Israel and the Zionist lobby will be rightly blamed for the strike. And be forced to pay for the consequences.

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