Dealing with the devil

New York Times journalist Judith Miller – “I helped the bad guys sell a bogus war that led to tens of thousands of deaths, then went to jail to protect my neocon pals” – is reportedly looking to write another book.

Arianna Huffington – whose website is becoming more essential by the day – has a few things to say about Miller and her martyrdom complex:

“A Judy confessional? I can’t wait to see the chapter headings:

“WMD? Boy, Did I Screw That One Up”
“How I Turned the Paper of Record Into a Laughingstock”
“About Those Aluminium Tubes”¦”
“Chalabi, Cheney, and Me: We Had a Three-Way, You Got Screwed”
“I Hate To Make John Bolton Mad But”¦”
“Scooter & Pinch: My Thing for Men With Silly Nicknames”

Who said crime doesn’t pay?

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