Digging deeper

So what am I missing back home? The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia’s self-described finest newspaper, features on its homepage a story about Beyonce’s curves. Really.

Here in Cuba, I continue to be amazed at the profound disconnect between the propaganda pumped-out by the Left and Right about this small island. Meeting a growing number of dissidents certainly provides a damning perspective on the realities of Castro’s rule. The ideology of the revolution has never been exactly consistent (especially if you didn’t always share Fidel’s fervour.) And the rise of Chavez in Venezuela is not warmly welcomed by all, as he is seen as prolonging the anti-democratic nature of the regime.

The country is also beautiful, its people charming, the women seemingly taught from a young age to walk in catwalk style and the weather a balmy constant.

I wasn’t sure what to really expect before I arrived, and in many ways I’ve been surprised. Of course, many Cubans ideal future isn’t necessarily an American-style capitalist system. Far from it.

I obviously can’t yet go into detail about all my experiences here, but that will come soon enough.

(PS. On an entirely unrelated point, check out Uri Avnery’s latest article about the Left, apartheid South Africa and the one or two state solution for the Israel/Palestine conflict.)

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