Don’t ignore the nutters

Frank Rich comforts himself in the New York Times:

Whichever candidate or party lands in the White House, this much is certain: Inauguration Day 2009 is at the very least Armageddon for the reigning ayatollahs of the American right.

Really? This is a dangerous delusion not borne out by the facts. One example will suffice (and there are hundreds more.) Republican hopeful Rudy Giuliani has an advisor, Peter Berkowitz, a George Mason law professor. His thoughts on the Israel/Palestine conflict are about trying to force Arabs to breed less, therefore reducing the chance that Jews will soon be outnumbered in Israel and Palestine.

Outright racism, in other words. Rich may be talking about the religious right and its fundamentalist attitude to gays, but on a host of other key issues, their power remains strong (on both sides of the aisle.)

Divided they may be, but don’t rule them out.

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