Entering the maze

Israel’s finest journalist, Amira Hass, explains the reality behind the Gaza “disengagement”:

“The Supreme Court justice’s response to the legal claim that Israel effectively has control over the Gaza Strip contained a mocking note. This is what transpires, at all events, from a short report in the Hebrew edition of the Haaretz of December 12, in reference to a petition against the pinpoint assassinations policy.

“Attorney Michael Sfard claimed that Israel has ‘effective control’ in the Strip, even though it does not have a physical presence on the ground there. Justice Mishael Cheshin is quoted as saying that ‘perhaps we also have effective control in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and wherever it is that the cannons fire.'”

Israel has effective control over anywhere it wants simply because of US strategic interests. A rogue state doesn’t gain legitimacy simply because it’s supported by another rogue state.
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