Failing upwards

A truly remarkable observation about media pundits has been compiled by Jebediah Reed. It appears that George Tenent and Paul Bremmer were not alone in reaping the rewards for their failures.

Surely those who warned us not to invade Iraq have been recognized and rewarded, and those who pushed for this disaster face tattered credibility and waning career prospects. Could it be any other way in America?

Apparently not.

So we selected the four pundits who were in our judgment the most influentially and disturbingly misguided in their pro-war arguments and the four who were most prescient and forceful in their opposition.

Then we did a career check … and found that something is rotten in the fourth estate.

For those who want to climb the journalism career ladder, the formula is simple.…  Peddle the government’s lies and watch the dollars roll in.

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