Failure of the MSM

Why Liberals are mad at the MSM, written by John Atcheson, leading journalist in the US.

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“Look at the elements. Budget periods cut from ten years to five to hide exploding deficits. Elaborate Mission Accomplished-style propaganda backdrops at every public event. Orwellian names like “Clear Skies,” and “Healthy Forests” designed to hide real intentions. Fake news stories filmed at government expense and released to an all too incurious media. Paid journalists and columnists writing fawning stories for profit. Bogus White House correspondents throwing soft ball questions under assumed names. Staged “town-hall meetings” with pre-screened crowds and pre-screened questions – questions like, “Mr. President, did you know my wife and I pray for you every night?” Whew. That’s a toughie. And even with the hand-selected audiences, strong-armed stooges roam the crowd and silence, roust, and arrest any stray dissenters who somehow make it past the crumbled remains of the First Amendment that block the entrances to these tax-supported events.”

” The press has allowed Mr. Bush to fundamentally rewrite foreign and domestic policy under a cloud of deception, distortion, and deceit. Iraq was never about WMDs, or al Qaeda links or “immediate threats” – it was part of a broadly conceived and highly pugnacious neoconservative foreign policy.”

Atcheson paints a familiar tale.

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