Friends with enemies

The US says it believes in democratisation, unless, of course, it involves parties it doesn’t like:

Two days after the U.S. Congress voted by a large majority (397 to 17) to threaten the Palestinian Authority with withholding aid if it includes Hamas in the next government, U.S. officials pressured the European donor nations to transfer $60 million immediately to the PA to pay the salaries of its officials and security apparatus. The money had been withheld in protest over PA salary hikes and unimplemented administrative reforms.

“Last week in London at a meeting of the donor countries, the U.S. urged the Europeans to unfreeze the funds out of concern that the delay would hurt Mahmoud Abbas’ standing in the upcoming elections and weaken the position of Fatah members who are close to the leadership.”

Hamas will be a major player after the end of January Palestinian elections. Israel, the US and the world have to accept this and adapt.

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