“Gaffes” by IDF soldiers

Rupert Murdoch’s news.com.au publishes this AP story that is surely designed to make the reader feel sorry for the Israeli state; they just can’t keep “secrets” secret anymore. The poor dears. What on earth should soldiers occupying the Palestinians do with their spare time?

The security obsessed Israeli military is confronting a new adversary – trying to control what its own soldiers post to the Internet.

Facebook, along with YouTube and other popular sites, is turning into a formidable nuisance for the Israeli Army, as young recruits in the tech-crazy country post embarrassing and potentially sensitive information online, circumventing tight military controls.

The issue exploded onto the national agenda this week when young ex-soldier Eden Abergil posted pictures of herself in uniform, posing in front of handcuffed, blindfolded Palestinian prisoners on her Facebook page under the heading “Army – The Best Time of My Life”.

The controversial posting, along with a series of other recent gaffes, highlighted the challenges facing Israel’s high-tech military – known, among other things, for its shadowy electronic-warfare units – as it struggles to keep up with the ever-shifting sands of the internet.

Such incidents illustrate “how difficult it is for the military to operate, stick to policy, and keep people in line in light of the new communication realities”, said Sheizaf Rafaeli, director of the Sagy Center for Internet Research and the Study of the Information Society at the University of Haifa.

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