Gerry’s delusions. Again.

Gerard Henderson is known for being boring. He exceeds at his chosen craft, writing weekly in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald on matters of national importance and defending those groups, individuals or countries desperately in need of assistance. Today, the establishment’s friend and ally wraps his warm embrace around Bush’s America. Phil Gomes takes him to task:

Gerard Henderson uses one reported case of sanity within the US diplomatic corps to disprove the madness of the rest”:

‘So much for the mythology that the Bush Administration is dominated by adventurous and unfeeling ideologues.’

“Apparently guys like John Bolton aren’t on Gerry’s reading list.”

When will Fairfax dump Gerry and find somebody, anybody, to replace a man running a close second to the Australian’s Greg Sheridan for getting up close and personal with those in power? But then, Fairfax wouldn’t want to rattle their ever-increasing senior readers. While at Fairfax, I was told that Miranda Devine was only chosen as a columnist – and poached from Murdoch – to “cause a bit of controversy.” Yawn. Content clearly ran a far second. How many writers with a direct line to the Bush/Blair/Howard phone does a newspaper need? A few outsiders are just what the mainstream needs. I’ll offer my services for a reasonable fee. Give me editorial control and I’ll give you a rattled readership.

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