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James Moore is a US journalist and author (including “Bush’s Brain” on the influence of Karl Rove.) He recently discovered that he had been placed on the “No Fly Watch List.” He has no idea why, though clearly somebody in the Bush administration believes Moore is a terrorist threat. He knows who to blame:

“Well, let me get this straight then. Our government is looking for a guy who may have a mundane Anglo name, who pays tens of thousands of dollars every year in taxes, has never been arrested or even late on a credit card payment, is more uninteresting than a Tupperware party, and cries after the first two notes of the national anthem? We need to find this guy. He sounds dangerous to me.”

Moore has been unable to discover who is behind such a move but he doesn’t really care:

“…There’s always the chance that the No Fly Watch List is one of many enemies lists maintained by the Bush White House. If that’s the case, I am happy to be on that list. I am in good company with people who expect more out of their president and their government. Hell, maybe I’ll start thinking of it as an honour roll.”

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