Getting down and wired

The Boston Globe reports:

“A Chinese researcher has warned of a new threat to public health and morality – naked Internet chatting. Up to 20,000 Chinese Internet users log on to chatrooms each night in which users in various states of undress talk to each other with the help of Web cams, the Shanghai Daily newspaper said Tuesday, citing China Youth Association researcher Liu Gang.”

The paper warns that net users “talk with others while exposing themselves and performing provocative poses.”

The article reminds me of an upcoming release, “Thunder from the Silent Zone – Rethinking China” by Paul Monk (Scribe Publications.) I’ve only skimmed the work but it presents some provocative questions as China’s world domination increases.

“The West has been intensely interested in China for a long time, but never more so than now as the West becomes more and more economically dependent on Chinese industry. Because of this relationship, the West avoids saying things that might cause offence to ‘China’ (or, in reality, the Chinese Community Party) – particularly regarding the state of human rights in China and its insistence that Taiwan accept it is a part of the sovereign territory of the People’s Republic of China.”

This self-censorship must end. And perhaps we can start by condemning China’s concern over nude net surfers.

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