Getting full on Israel

Rupert Murdoch and Nicole Kidman, seen above, enjoy a tasty meal in New York. What’s the occasion? Let the “official” News Ltd press release explain:

“News Corporation chairman and chief executive officer, Rupert Murdoch, has received a humanitarian award from the Simon Wiesenthal Centre.

“The Eastern Office of the Centre presents the award annually.

“Mr Murdoch, who attended with his wife, Wendy Deng, received the award at the organisation’s annual dinner at The Waldorf-Astoria in New York on Wednesday.

“Australian Hollywood actor Nicole Kidman presented Mr Murdoch with the Humanitarian Laureate Award in recognition of his contributions to humanitarian causes. The award recognises his exceptional efforts on behalf of tolerance and diversity.”

One has to read another Murdoch publication, Melbourne’s Herald Sun, to discover the real reason behind the award:

“The award recognises Mr Murdoch’s support for Israel. Mr Murdoch thanked ‘his real friend and great sport’ for agreeing to present the award.”

Elites TV goes even further:

“The black-tie crowd was rapt as both the Israeli and U.S. national anthems were played, and speeches were made.

“As usual, our Open All Night team got into the spirit of the evening, focusing on the gleaming diamond ring on Nicole Kidman’s wedding-ring finger. Is it an engagement ring from country singer Keith Urban? Kidman tore into the chicken dinner with gusto, causing everyone to wonder if she’s pregnant.”

Amazingly, the website actually features a rather unflattering picture of Kidman tearing into her dead bird.

But, let’s not be churlish. Murdoch was thanked for his life-long support of the Zionist state, and by implication, its brutal occupation, checkpoints, Jewish-only roads etc. And let’s not forget that supporting the Iraq war was the true mark of a humanitarian. As he said in 2003:

“The greatest thing to come out of this for the world economy, if you could put it that way, would be $20 a barrel for oil. That’s bigger than any tax cut in any country.”

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