Getting in line

The Guardian editorial, October 24:

“He may be a lurid shade of yellow, addicted to Duff beer and one of the least responsible staff at Springfield nuclear power station, but Homer Simpson deserves his new accolade of top philosopher in a magazine poll of leading men of the current decade. His antics are often deplorable and few real-life women would envy the role of his saintly wife, Marge, but Homer is established as a character of the first rank in the long history of fiction.”

Any thoughts on the “leading [philosopher] men of the current decade?”

My local picks are Greens leader Bob Brown and human rights lawyer and activist Julian Burnside.

My international picks are (deceased) Palestinian thinker Edward Said and journalist Seymour Hersh, a fine investigator and believer in pulling back the mask of power and cronyism in American government.

Perhaps I should have a younger person, too. How about Radiohead’s irreplaceable Thom Yorke? A worthy contender.

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