Gillard is like Rudd and that’s just fine

One of the few senior Australian academics with a public profile actually not in thrall to the American and Israeli lobbies is Scott Burchill.

This is spot on:

You can’t get closer to the centre of mainstream foreign policy analysis than [Lowy Institute’s] Michael Fullilove. He’s not one to frighten the horses.

He supports the Afghanistan war, which he claims is being “fought for honourable ends” (though the Australian people strongly disagree), thinks “Labor prime ministers always need to project themselves as reliable allies [to the US]” (because from the far right they still all look like communists), believes Julia Gillard “has set out to locate herself in the mainstream of Australian politics and that Australian diplomatic tradition with her visits to the United States and Israel” (didn’t that guided tour to Israel last June pay off in Dubai), and that her “most important [foreign policy] theme would be continuity.”

Wow. In other words, don’t change a thing, don’t think afresh about any policies, even a futile war – everything is going swimmingly. Foreign policy analysis and commentary at its most profound.

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