Giving advise to Jews

More unnecessary war or peace, that is the question.

Should the Jews in the diaspora be pressuring Israel to accept peace?

Jewish people around the world have long embraced a mythical view of Israel as a benevolent, modern-day David fighting off the menacing Goliath of the Arab nations. Israel, as the myth goes, is like a weak and tiny island statelet surrounded by an ocean of hostile states and peoples that have rejected peace and instead have actively sought out the destruction of the Jewish state. This perception has led many to conclude that peace is not an objective worth pursuing, nor is it a goal that is within Israel’s reach.

Or will the policy to shoot first, and asking questions later, remain the status quo?

The Israeli ambassador-elect to Britain, Ron Prosor, said Tuesday that the Jews around the world and the global community should do more to focus attention on Iran and its nuclear aspirations.

Either way, Avigdor Lieberman remains committed to perpetual militarism, confident in the belief that the US will be there to clean up after Israel.

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