Got it in one

Ms Fits salutes the appropriate pounding of Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone by ABC’s Tony Eastley. We’ve learnt that Ministers in the Howard government don’t need to display accountability. Moreover, they presume to throw bile in every direction except at themselves. As Margo Kingston rightly demands: “…laugh out loud. It’s all she deserves, apart from being forced from office.”

UPDATE: Eastley’s comments were “indicative of an attitude” at the ABC, claimed Vanstone, after revelations emerged that the ABC had removed the “controversial” parts from the interview transcript. Amanda, surely you have more important issues to deal with, such as ensuring no more Australian citizens are deported.

For the record, the ABC really shouldn’t be changing the online transcript of the interview. If Eastley truly misspoke (?!), they could acknowledge this at the bottom of the page, but deleting questions from the public record simply provides ammunition to the ABC-haters that the national broadcaster is hiding something.

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