Hands up who trusts Serco with their lives?

Avoid like the plague (which is exactly why governments are increasingly turning to the British multinational):

A man allegedly changed details on more than 67,000 speed and red-light camera fines in the computer system of the company which manages the data in Victoria.

The tampering did not actually affect any infringement notices as the changes were made after the fines were issued to drivers.

Victoria Police e-crime squad officers are investigating allegations that data on infringements from 2010 and 2011 were changed in the systems of Serco, the company which manages the speed and red-light camera infringement data in Victoria.

It’s alleged that 67,541 infringement notices were changed, with the date and time of offences as well as the speed altered.

Police allege the changes were made over three weeks in February and March this year by a Serco employee who no longer works for the company.

A 36-year-old Craigieburn man was arrested on Wednesday.

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