Headline of the year? “Malaysian Obedient Wives Club Launches Sex Guide to Fight Judaism”

From the Wall Street Journal:

It seems a strange way to build up support for traditional Islamic beliefs, but Malaysia’s Obedient Wives Club says it is all right for a husband to have sex with all of his wives at the same time. In some circumstances, it might even be encouraged.

“Islamic sex” — whatever that is — also appears to be a fresh weapon against Judaism, at least according to a new sex manual published by the group this week called “Islamic Sex: Fighting Jews to Return Islamic Sex to the World.”

A pro-polygamy group, the Obedient Wives Club, isn’t a stranger to controversy and previously has embarrassed many mainstream Muslims in this multicultural country with its pronouncements. While polygamy is legal for Muslims, this year the group’s vice president, Rohaya Mohamad, angered women’s rights groups here by advising its members to avoid marital problems by acting like a “first-class whore” in bed. “Rather than allowing him to sin, a woman must do what she can to ensure her husband’s desires are met,” she told reporters in June.

“That was such an affront to us, that it’s our fault if our husbands stray,” said Akmal Zulkifli of the women’s rights group Sisters In Islam. “It’s also not an accurate portrayal of Islam in Malaysia. This group is just justifying its own lifestyle choices.”

Now the group is stepping up the cringe-factor with its new 115-page book, which it portrays as a self-help guide for young brides to satisfy their husbands in bed.

In it, the Obedient Wives Club argues that women give their husbands only a fraction of their bodies and offers graphically illustrated tips on how to satisfy their partners. Chapter 8 goes on to explain how sex can become an act of worship.

It isn’t entirely clear how Islamic sex helps battle Judaism, however. Leaders of the Obedient Wives Club couldn’t immediately be reached for comment, and some analysts suggest it could be a marketing gimmick in a country where the Palestinian cause resonates.

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