“One should, I think, be cautious in describing Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation”, writes Noam Chomsky.

He continues:

“True, that is official US-Israeli doctrine, but the European Union and most of the rest of the world does not agree. The House just passed a resolution (380-3) condemning “the continuous terrorist attacks perpetrated by Hezbollah,” and the Senate passed a similar resolution unanimously. Middle East scholar Stephen Zunes contacted scores of congressional offices asking them to cite any terrorist acts by Hezbollah in the past decade. No one could cite any. In Lebanon, Hezbollah won about 80% of the vote in the South in the recent election. The South, of course, is where Hezbollah won its international fame, and much of its prestige in Lebanon: for driving Israeli invaders out of the country they had occupied for 22 years in violation of Security Council orders to withdraw (OK, because of a wink from the boss), while carrying out murderous atrocities, quite apart from the unprovoked 1982 invasion that probably killed about 20,000 people. In the US, that’s an unforgivable crime…”

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