How the lobby looks to the general public

What the hell is wrong with these Zionist leaders? Clearly the only acceptable visitors are card-carrying Zionists. It’s called engagement with opposing perspectives, people:

Melbourne Anglican Archbishop Philip Freier is under fire from the Jewish community for hosting a function for former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami while he is in Melbourne this month.

Jewish Community Council of Victoria president John Searle wrote to Dr Freier saying the Jewish community found it inconceivable that the Anglican Church would host “such a man” or even meet him.

He declined an invitation to attend and asked Dr Freier to reconsider.

Mr Searle told The Age that although Mr Khatami, president of Iran from 1997 to 2005, was regarded as a reformist, he was a sponsor of terrorism, a Holocaust denier and leader of a country that has often threatened to “wipe Israel off the map”.

“Only last year, this supposed champion of dialogue called Israel ‘an old, incurable wound on the body of Islam, a wound that really possesses demonic, stinking, contagious blood’.”

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