How to look up democracy in the phone book

My recent book, The Blogging Revolution, continues to extend its reach.

The Prospects of Cyberocracy, a post by US-based academic Patrick Meier – a Harvard-based Fellow who works on “conflict early warning and crisis mapping” – explains the ways in which the internet can impact democracy-promotion around the world.

Meier is using my book, amongst others, at a course in Digital Democracy at Tufts University this year. He writes:

In 1992, David Ronfeldt wrote that a “precise definition of cyberocracy was not possible at present.” In a general sense, then, he identified two ways in which cyberocracy may manifest itself:

  1. Narrowly, as a form of organization that supplants traditional forms of bureaucracy and technocracy;
  2. Broadly, as a form of government that may redefine relations between state and soceity, and between the public sector and the private sector.

How things have changed.

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