How to ruin a country

The reality of Iraq all too easily ignored by our mainstream media (including the murder of one million people). The truth on CSPAN:

The most shocking testimony I have ever heard about the war”¦.Today 3 Iraqi men testified, one who was Chief Investigator of the Iraqi Public Integrity Commission (likened to the CIA here) to look into corruption, one whose identity was shielded during testimony – he served as a senior adviser to the US govt in Iraq, and Professor Abbas Mehdi, the former chief of the Iraqi National Investment Commission who lives in the US now. He says that only 5% of the American money sent for projects are used for the Iraqi people, at least half goes for kickbacks, the rest goes for security. For example, the $50,000,000 spent on the electrical infrastructure in Iraq”¦considering most Iraqis get power for an hour a day, the money’s disappeared. In one instance some of the money went to Jordanian banks, from there to Germany and some to Pennsylvania and another state.

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