IAEA Chief upsets the US

In the run up to the Iraq war, we saw how the Bush administration treated anyone who disagreed with their war preparations. Well, now it’s Mohamed ElBaradei’s

The United States wants its allies to join in a formal protest against the head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency for suggesting that Iran be allowed to keep some elements of its uranium enrichment program, diplomats said Tuesday.

They said Washington fears the comments from the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency could undermine U.N. Security Council’s effort to pressure Tehran into fully scrapping enrichment.

What ElBaradei has said, within the context of what’s going on, is completely logical, which is why the US is so spitting mad and intent on punishing him for having had the temerity to call a spade a spade.

The fact is that the ones who have violated the NPT is not Iran, but all those states that voted to deny Iran the right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes. Iran has not thwarted any of the inspection teams from the IAEA and so long as the IAEA teams are there, it is virtually impossible for Iran to enrich uranium to nuclear weapons grade.

Speaking of Iran, the wingnuts have taken the bait and not disappointed.

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