I’m not racist, but…

Israelis are not racist, but

More than half of Israelis think the government should encourage its Arab citizens to emigrate from Israel, according to an annual survey by the Israel Democracy Institute.

29 percent of Israelis think crucial decisions concerning Israel’s future should be decided by a Jewish majority, and only 14 percent feel that relations between Jews and Arabs are stable.

The study also shows a decline in public disapproval of Israel Defense Forces soldiers refusing orders due to personal morals or ideology, especially regarding refusal to evacuate settlements. 58 percent disapprove refusal of orders in the military, as opposed to 70 percent last year.… 

I propose that Australians advocate the forced emigration of all New Zealanders, blacks and homosexuals to maintain Australian purity. But, of course, we’re told, Israel is different, and has the right to discriminate against non-Jews. Clearly, rights that no other country in the world should have.

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