In conversation with Raimond Gaita in Sydney about Gaza

At Sydney Gleebooks on 23 August at 6.30pm, the following event, in conversation, is taking place. Come along:

In Gaza: Morality, Law and Politics, Raimond Gaita brings together a thought-provoking collection of essays by public intellectuals on the subject of conflict.

Following the Israeli Army invasion of the Gaza strip, many Australians are left with questions of law, morality and politics; a minefield of ethical dilemmas to challenge the moral code we live by.

The contributors are Mark Baker, Anthony Billingsley, Hilary Charlesworth, Gerry Simpson, Ghassan Hage, Geoffrey Levey & Raimond Gaita.

Gaza Editor Raimond Gaita is Foundation Professor of Philosophy at ACU National and Professor of Moral Philosophy at King’s College London. He is perhaps best known to the general reader as the author of the prize-winning memoir, Romulus, My Father. His other books include Good and Evil: An Absolute Conception, A Common Humanity: Thinking About Love & Truth & Justice, The Philosopher’s Dog, and Breach of Trust: Truth, Morality and Politics.

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