In memory of Debbie

Debbie Stach was an old friend. A questioning Jew who believed in the tradition of Tikkun, to heal, repair and transform the world. She became a doctor and dedicated herself to helping Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory. She died in a car accident in South Australia in February 2004. I only discovered the news today after reading the Australian Jewish News.

Her death, nearly 1.5 years ago, makes me realise how we’d completely lost touch. We dated briefly many years ago and I remember her challenging me on my increasingly anti-Zionist ideas. How could I reconcile my Judaism with my views on Israel, she would ask? It’s a question I’m still struggling with today. She also had a cheeky sense of humour.

Her parents have established the Debbie Stach Memorial Fund to support initiatives in areas to which she was committed, such as environment issues, artistic and cultural pursuits and Aboriginal health.

For those inclined, tax-deductible donations can be sent to:

Debbie Stach Memorial Fund
PO Box 2265
Caulfield Junction
VIC, 3161

I feel a gap in my life already.

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