Iran, not an American project

A fascinating interview with a pro Mahmoud Ahmadinejad cleric in Qom, Iran:

Look, in Iran, we have a few sources. We have two TV channels, radio, and then we have the newspapers, which are particularly popular among Iranians. Now, we also have the internet, and yes, we are familiar with these videos showing the murders of these people and the violence against them. I can tell you the impression of the people here… they believe that it is the people who are damaging and vandalizing, these planted forces from outside, that are committing these murders. This is what people believe in Iran.

Iran has become the biggest foreign news story here in the US for years. Barack Obama has now stepped up his rhetoric against the Islamic Republic:

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Absurdly, war criminal Henry Kissinger – responsible for the deaths of literally hundreds of thousands of civilians in the 1970s – appears on BBC to advocate the possibility of regime change:

Perhaps the media would like to speak to people who actually know something about democracy, as opposed to those who want to snuff it out.

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