Iranian blogger Hoder in dire shape

The case of imprisoned Iranian blogger Hossein Derakhshan has long interested this website.

The latest, according to Californian-based writer and blogger Cyrus Farivar, is that Hossein remains in jail and in pretty bad condition. It is now one year since his disappearance:

I have also been in regular contact with Hossein Derakhshan’s brother, Hamed Derakhshan, who just told me the following via Skype chat:

– His parents recently had a meeting with the new district attorney, who allowed them to have dinner in Evin Prison with their son, Hossein Derakhshan, on Thursday, October 29, 2009.

– This confirms that Hossein is being held in Evin Prison, however the family does not know the next time they will be allowed to see him.

– At the dinner, Hossein confirmed the recent Human Rights Activists in Iran reports that claim he had been forced to do squats in cold showers and has been beaten repeatedly.

– Hossein is now sorry that he asked for a media blackout.

“Yes, he told my family that he regrets telling us not to cover his story if he was arrested,” Hamed Derakhshan wrote. “He said he should have asked us to create a media campaign after two months if he was still arrested.”

– Hamed believes that his and his father’s speaking out has had a direct impact on the Iranian government’s behavior.

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