Iranian crisis is not about destroying the Islamic Republic

Robert Fisk, reporting from inside Iran, gave a remarkable interview to ABC Radio on Wednesday:

No-one’s told me not to drive around so I go and see wounded people and go and watch these confrontations and no-one seems to bother me.

I rather think an awful lot of journalists take it too seriously. If you get in a car and go out and see things, no-one’s going to stop you, frankly.

I went to the earlier demonstration in the centre of the city, which was solely by Ahmadinejad’s people, immensely boring, although I did notice one or two points where they were shouting ‘death to the traitor’. They meant Mousavi.

You’ve got to realise that what’s happening at the moment is that the actual authorities are losing control of what’s happening on the streets and that’s very dangerous and damaging to them…

[The protest] is absolutely not against the Islamic republic or the Islamic revolution.

It’s clearly an Islamic protest against specifically the personality, the manner, the language of Ahmadinejad. They absolutely despise him but they do not hate or dislike the Islamic republic that they live in.

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