Israeli academic freedom means being a good Zionist

Following Israeli academic Neve Gordon’s call for a boycott against “apartheid” Israel, president of his institution, Ben-Gurion University, responds in the LA Times and completely ignores the thrust of Gordon’s arguments about the dire reality in Palestine:

Gordon argues that Israel is an “apartheid” state and that “a boycott would save Israel from itself.” But the empirical facts show that it would destroy the very fabric of the society that he claims to want to protect. Instead of investing in activities that promote coexistence, this “call for a boycott” is already being used to isolate Israel.

This is particularly pernicious for our university, a proudly Zionist institution that embodies the dream of Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, to bring development and prosperity to all the residents of the Negev region. This work — which includes community outreach and scientific innovation in Israel and around the world carried out by nearly 25,000 students, faculty and staff — is being threatened by the egregious remarks of one person, under the guise of academic freedom.

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