Jail him

Murdoch’s “Editor-at-large”, Paul Kelly, forgets his journalistic role as sceptic towards state power:

Blair’s policy is tough on terrorism and tough on its causes. He is a values man. He rejects the realist view that the West should just sit back and contain terrorism. That won’t work in an age of WMDs. “Our ultimate security lies in the spread of our values,” he says.

He is a crusading internationalist keen to wind back the limits of state sovereignty in the cause of justified interventions. Watch him in action today.

More fawning here and here.

Support for Blair has plummeted in the UK, but the Australian paints him as a crusading moralist. So let’s forget about the Iraq quagmire, Guantanamo Bay, extraordinary rendition, torture, curbs on free speech and sabre-rattling towards Iran.

Blair is a war criminal and should be treated as such. International justice will eventually catch-up with the likes of Blair, Bush and Howard. Only then will Western exceptionalism be dealt a necessary body blow.

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