Jewish journalist would like the chance to pull the trigger

Conservative blogger Michael Totten interviews Zionist journalist and war-enabler Jeffrey Goldberg. They talk about many things, including occupation, Iraq, bombing Iran, Judaism, bombing Iran, Palestinian hatred of Israel, Hamas and the bombing of Iran. Welcome to the insulated and aggressive world of cocooned Zionism:

Goldberg: And here’s the thing. Netanyahu doesn’t want to endanger the lives of American soldiers. Not because he’s so great or moral or whatever, but because he knows that’s disastrous.

MJT: It could threaten the entire American project in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Goldberg: Yes. Exactly.

I imagine that if this situation gets more dire, America will say to the Iranians, secretly, in no uncertain terms, that “if you do anything to Israel, we will destroy you.” That just seems prudent to do. “Go ahead and have your dreams and desires, but don’t even think about transferring your nuclear technology to attack Israel in some way, because we will wipe you out.”

MJT: Do you think the U.S. would actually do that?

Goldberg: It depends on the president.

MJT: I can’t see Barack Obama nuking Tehran.

Goldberg: I didn’t say he has to nuke it, I said he has to threaten to nuke it.

MJT: Sure, but the threat has to be credible.

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