John Pilger backs Wikileaks rally in Sydney

Renowned independent journalist and filmmaker… John Pilger has offered his support for the protest organised by supporters of Wikileaks on… Friday, December 10 at… 1pm… at Sydney… Town Hall.

Greens Senator-elect… Lee Rhiannon and NSW Greens MLC… David Shoebridge are the latest confirmed speakers to address the protest. Shoebridge is also the lead candidate on the NSW Greens Upper House ticket for the 2011 state elections.

In a message to rally organisers, John Pilger said:

“The defence of Julian Assange and Wikileaks is one of the most important issues of my lifetime. There are now two superpowers in the world — the military power of Washington and the power of public opinion and justice, which Wikileaks represents.

“If the Australian prime minister doesn’t understand this,… we Australians need to remind her that she may head a mercenary government but we are not a mercenary people.

“Those of us in London who are working to free Julian, knowing that the Swedish prosecution is a… political stunt that would never produce a fair trial, will be at his side, and we call on the support of every decent Australian.”

The rally will protest the backlash, persecution and threats Wikileaks is facing for its release of more than 250,000 secret… US… government cables.

The protest will also call for the release of imprisoned Wikileaks editor-in-chief and award-winning Australian journalist, Julian Assange.

The rally will also be addressed… by independent journalist… Antony Loewenstein, author ofThe Blogging Revolution about the struggle for internet freedom worldwide.

Simon Frew of the Pirate Party Australia,… Green Left Weekly co-editor Simon Butler, and the Wikileaks Central… the editor ( will also speak.

Media contacts:

Simon Butler… 0421 231 011

Rally information:

Kylie Gilbert 0451 827 693

Email:… [email protected]


National rallies to defend Julian Assange and Wikileaks

Sydney: Friday, December 10, 1pm at Sydney Town Hall. Media contacts: Antony Loewenstein 0402 893 690; Simon Butler 0421 231 011. Rally information: Kylie Gilbert 0451 827 693
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Melbourne: Friday, December 10, 4:30pm at the State Library Lawns, Melbourne. Contact: Vashti Jane 0423 407 910.
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Brisbane: Thursday, December 9, 5.30pm at Brisbane Square CBD

Friday, December 10, noon Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, 295 Anne Street, Brisbane CBD. Rally information (for December 10 action): Liam Hanlon 0435 266 613. Media contact: Jim McIlroy 0423 741 734
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Facebook page (December 10)

Perth: Friday, December 10, 6pm at Wesley Church (cnr William & Hay Sts).

Hobart: Saturday, December 11, noon at the Hobart Parliament Lawns
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Sunday, December 12, 1:00pm at Parliament House.
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Canberra: Thursday, December 16, 5:30pm at Garema Place, Civic.
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