Junking the sceptics

“For the past three weeks, a set of figures has been working a hole in my mind. On April 16th, New Scientist published a letter from the famous botanist David Bellamy. Many of the world’s glaciers, he claimed, ‘are not shrinking but in fact are growing. …555 of all the 625 glaciers under observation by the World Glacier Monitoring Service in Zurich, Switzerland, have been growing since 1980.’ His letter was instantly taken up by climate change deniers. And it began to worry me. What if Bellamy was right?”

George Monbiot’s latest column is a fascinating tale of how environmental fact is skewed by dubious science and hijacked by the far right. The result is a world sicker by the day.

This story has it all. Hater Lyndon Larouche, architects posing as scientists, human error and conspiracy.

(PS. Yes, glaciers are in fact melting.)

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