Just another day in the life of the Gaza tunnels

The tunnels that run from Egypt into Gaza are operating in full view of the Egyptians. The Israelis know what is going on. Now and then, a few tunnels are destroyed by Egypt but business is too good to let them all go. Besides, as I saw myself on the border, they remain a life-line to Gaza, bringing in virtually all essential goods for the 1.5 million citizens. This is a game played by all sides.

Very rarely, like today, Israel shows it’s tough on terrorism. Nothing will change; the tunnels aren’t going anywhere, unless the siege is lifted:

Israeli warplanes bombed a smuggling tunnel along the Gaza-Egypt border early Monday in response to Palestinian rocket and mortar fire, in a brief flare-up of violence at a time of relative quiet in the volatile Palestinian territory.

Such exchanges of fire, once routine, have become rare in recent months. Rocket fire from Hamas-controlled Gaza has largely subsided since a fierce Israeli offensive against militants early this year.

There were no reports of casualties in any of the attacks.

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