Larry Clark

For those who happen to be around New York in the coming while…

Larry Clark is a photographer and filmmaker. The International Center of Photography is screening his movies including Kids, Bully, Another Day in Paradise and (the still banned in Australia) Ken Park as well as a selection of his most startling photos.

Clark’s been called a pervert and a voyeur and he’d probably regard these comments as a compliment. His photographs portray the outsiders of society, the freaks and the loners, the unlikely beauties, the drug-addicts and skaters. His films are more uneven, I reckon. Ken Park, while unjustifiably banned, was a bore, a work which thought that lingering on suburban teens for long enough was a statement in itself. He covered similar ground, and much more effectively, in Kids and Bully. Devastating is the callousness and brutality with which Clark’s kids love and kill, learn and die.

His documentary style confronts because his characters are how we imagine most Americans live and Clark himself has said he hopes his work shows the world the profound identity crisis within his country’s youth.

Clarke is the scruffy bad-boy of American culture who hangs out with serial pest yet strangely alluring Harmony Korine. Neither want to score an invite to Elton John’s next Oscar’s party.

Get yeself to the city of Interpol immediately.

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