Latin American know-how

We rarely hear about Latin America, except the almost obligatory bashing of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and American attempts to assassinate him. When Chavez recently spoke at the 60th UN General Assembly, his words resonated – despite his questionable human rights record:

“We the people now claim – this is the case of Venezuela – a new international economic order. But it is also urgent we see a new international political order. Let us not permit that a few countries try to reinterpret the principles of international law in order to impose new doctrines such as “pre-emptive warfare…”

No wonder America is rattled.

Now some intriguing news from Chile about the use of online technology to engage the population in the democratic process. Any number of politicians and commentators are discussing the country’s future and reject the individualist mentality running rampant in the West.

There is another way.

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