Legal advice

The release of UK Attorney General Lord Goldsmith’s pre-war legal advice regarding Iraq throws the debate into unchartered territory. Tony Blair has been forced to speak weasel words in his defence (“I did not lie over Iraq”) but a large percentage of the British public now simply do not believe their Prime Minister.

Fundamental to Australia is the legal advice offered to John Howard. On what basis did the Prime Minister commit this country to war? Legal eagle Richard Ackland today asks the key question:

“How did the legal smoke-and-mirrors game play out in this corner of the globe? The Prime Minister, John Howard, told the House of Representatives on March 18, 2003: “Our legal advice ”¦ is unequivocal ”¦ This legal advice is consistent with that provided to the British Government by its Attorney General.

“As we now realise, the legal advice to the British Government was highly equivocal. With which piece of legal advice was Howard’s legal advice consistent?”

Pressure must be placed on the government to release its own legal advice. Without it, serious doubts will remain over the true intentions of our elected officials.

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