Let me throw them out

While Israel’s mainstream is likely to vote for “racism” in today’s election, some Jews prefer to take the more obvious path:

Several parties who maintain anti-Arab platforms are running for seats in the upcoming Israeli general elections, with at least one having previously called for “relentless terror” against Palestinians.

The Jewish Front, headed by Baruch Marzel, is an offshoot of the Kach group, whose principles Israel’s Supreme Court said incited racism.

Kach was outlawed by both the Israeli and US governments in 1994.

The Jewish Front advocates the forced expulsion of Arabs from “the land of Israel”.

According to Beny Elyaho, a co-founder of the party, the expulsion of non-Jews would resolve all of Israel’s political, economic and social problems.

“Our party calls for cleansing the region extending from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean from the goyim (non-Jews) and thus guaranteeing a Jewish majority of no less than 90% throughout the land of Israel,” he was quoted as saying during a party meeting in West Jerusalem last year.

The Arab world may be filled with vile anti-Semitism, but Jews advocating ethnic cleansing is equally outrageous.

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