Masters of hyperbole

When will Israel realise that it must abide by international norms of decency and fairness?

A British charity worker has revealed how he was threatened with death by the Israeli secret service while he was detained for three weeks without charge.

Ayaz Ali returned from Israel to Britain last week after a military judge ruled he had done nothing wrong. On his release, the Israeli government issued a statement accusing Ali, 35, of assisting Hamas and implied that he was a neo-Nazi and a supporter of al-Qaeda.

Ali, an accountant, arrived in Israel last December to direct aid efforts by Islamic Relief in Gaza and the West Bank. The Birmingham-based charity, which works with Britain’s Department for International Development, provides fortified milk for children, imports artificial limbs and runs education centres.

A Department for International Development spokesman said it had no reason to believe there was any truth in the allegations against Ali or Islamic Relief.

No wonder there are international efforts to delegitimise the current incarnation of the Jewish state.

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