“Governor-General Michael Jeffery has urged US-led coalition forces in Iraq to study classic counter-insurgency tactics used in Vietnam and the Malayan emergency to win the war in Iraq.”

The Australian reports this “exclusive” today. Note that Jeffrey doesn’t question the legitimacy of the war nor the real reasons behind it. “We” must win, whatever the cost. Let’s not forget that this is a man who once said: “I believe passionately that Vietnam was a just cause in the circumstances of the time.”

Jeffrey represents a military establishment that thrives on conflict. Without it, their role seems somehow irrelevant. John Howard has defended Jeffrey. And he offers this telling comment: “It’s tough [in Iraq] but it’s all the more reason therefore that we stay the distance because if we give up and the place lapses into total chaos, that will put enormous pressure on neighbouring countries and it will be a very bad outcome for the west if that were to occur.”

Shame about those tens of thousands of Iraqis killed, Prime Minister.

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