“Miral” too hot for sensitive Jewish eyes?

I recently saw the wonderful film Miral about the Palestinian story from 1948. Made by Jewish film-maker Julian Schnabel, it was supposed to be released in the US.

But, surprise surprise, there are some issues (via Mondoweiss):

Here’s what Schnabel said [in New York this week], to explain his appearance at this event, a reading of his girlfriend’s book:

“We planned on the film opening in December but in looking at the landscape of blandishment, conflict, and confusion, it felt like we needed to spend more time preparing the audience and psyche of our fellow world citizens for the film and that way somehow left Reula’s book dangling without a movie to support it, so I find myself reading”¦

“We’re actually going to show the film on March 15 before the General Assembly of the United Nations for 2000 people. That’s where the movie will open.” There will be other screenings before that, the painter-cum-director said. It was at the Council on Foreign Relations last week, and will be at the 92d Street Y in February.

“We wanted to cuddle the world in some sort of way and form some kind of coalition and find some kind of post-right, post-left dialogue about this issue”¦. I guess you will see the movie some day. I hope you’ll see the movie.”

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