Missile Defense or just pork?

You have to wonder what the obsession with Missile Defense is really about, if not just a means to funnel obscene amounts of money to weapon’s manufacturers. When such weapons systems are tested, they are rigged to create the best possible outcome, yet routinely produce miserable results.

In a statement, Missile Defense Agency chief Lt. Gen. “Trey” Obering called the event a “no test.”

The target did not reach sufficient altitude to be deemed a threat, and so the Ballistic Missile Defense System did not engage it, as designed…

There is always a risk of this occurrence since we are flying old Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) motors in our targets… and we have initiated a target modernization program, within our existing budget, which should mitigate these risks for the future. A target will be brought forward from a test scheduled for next fall and we will attempt to repeat this test this summer.

The bizarre conclusions drawn from such pathetic results is not only to pour more money into the program, but to place even more faith in their effectiveness.

The failed test underscored the need of the U.S. to install 10 interceptors in Poland and a tracking radar station in the Czech Republic as a defense against potential missile attack from Iran, Lehner said.

It showed that any missiles that Iran launched could similarly go astray and land in Europe even if Europe was not Iran’s target, he added.

Try as they might to pretend that the systems being installed in Eastern Europe are intended to thwart any missile launch from Iran, no one is fooled. The intended target is Russia, and Putin has not been afraid to express his displeasure at such aggression.

Meanwhile, Russia, who leads the world in missile and rocket technology, is proceeding to further develop the world’s most advanced missiles and rockets. It recently tested the new RS-24 missile, which is capable of carrying up to 10 warheads.…  Like the Topol-M missile tested a few years ago, can change course after being launched, making it virtually unstoppable.

Welcome to the new arms race, one that the US is not guaranteed to win.

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