More manners, please

Spare me:

Nearly half of all internet users would support a voluntary code of conduct for bloggers and online commentators, according to research.

A survey by legal firm DLA Piper said 46% of web users think bloggers should sign up to a code that reflected the laws on defamation, intellectual property and incitement, with 15% ambivalent and 4% strongly opposed.

Around 34% of bloggers opposed the idea but 32% supported it.

This may sound like a noble idea but in reality it’s a pipe-dream that ignores the reality of the web. Defamation, untruths and stalking are all legitimate concerns online, as in real life, but trying to impose “rules” on comment is futile, to say the least.

Free speech is never absolute (though online these days it often appears to be), but perhaps some basic, online manners should be taught in kindergarten.

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