More money, Daddy

The Howard government views taxpayer money as reserved solely to promote their own misguided policies, but the NSW Labor party isn’t any better:

Morris Iemma spent about $100,000 of taxpayers’ money on a week-long trip to Italy and France last month, a report released by the Premier shows.

Justifying the excursion by saying that “we cannot expect the world to come to us”, Mr Iemma yesterday revealed that the cost of flights, accommodation and meals in Rome and Brest, in France, for himself, his chief of staff, Mike Kaiser, and his press secretary, Ben Wilson, was $63,230.

Some of the results are worrying. For example, more than half the journalists surveyed said they’d worked with a colleague involved in fabrication or “other deliberate conduct.”

No wonder the general public increasingly treats the political elite with contempt.

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