More research needed

The Australian’s media diarist has clearly done her research:

A level of respect

Melbourne writer Antony Loewenstein let fly after being described as an “anti-Zionist blogger” in an article by Rebecca Weisser in The Australian’s Higher Education Supplement that questioned his appointment to the board of Macquarie University’s Centre for Middle East and North African Studies. “Have these people no respect for a best-selling author?” Loewenstein wrote in an angry blog entry attacking Weisser and other “Zionist clowns”. Possibly, but Loewenstein’s only published work, My Israel Question, has so far sold 5987 copies, according to Bookscan.

A few points for the intrepid Murdoch journalist. I’m based in Sydney (though published by Melbourne University Publishing.) A subtle geographic difference for some, but one worth noting. My tongue-in-cheek comment regarding respect of a best-selling author was obviously lost in translation. Clearly understanding sarcasm isn’t the writer’s strong-suit.

Finally, my book has sold far more than 5987 copies since its August release, but again, let me guess the Australian simply relied on the notoriously unreliable Bookscan figures? Making a call to my publisher was too much to ask.

I look forward to journalist Amanda Meade’s best-seller book on office reporting.

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