Naomi Klein is a danger to the world (insert laugh here)

An intriguing and rather pathetic attempt to slam Naomi Klein, by the Zionist think-tank Reut Institute, claiming she is really working (implicitly, of course) with Hamas and Hizbollah to destroy Israel. Yes, it’s that sophisticated and utterly ignores any human rights abuses in Palestine:

“Kleinists” seem to have concluded that one-sided criticism of Israel is the best way to promote peace, and that pressurizing the state with all available means, including BDS, is both legitimate and effective.

As a result, Israel’s branding as a violent, aggressive and discriminatory state is increasingly gaining traction. Consequently, the entire political model of Israel as a Jewish state is framed as inherently immoral. Israel is compared with South Africa’s apartheid regime with such persistence and intensity that many seem not to be concerned by the fundamental differences between the two cases, and call for a one-state solution based on the South African formula of “one man, one vote.”

This dynamic is well exploited by the “network of resistance” – primarily Iran and its clients Hezbollah and Hamas, which have adopted a strategy that targets Israel’s political and economic standing. In recent years, these groups seem to have inverted their position toward the Israeli occupation, coming to view it as a strategic asset, believing that continued Israeli control over the Palestinian population will create an “overstretch” between the Jewish identity of the state, its democratic values, its territory, and demographic trends, all of which will lead to Israel’s implosion. Therefore, these groups have consistently sabotaged the political process via terrorism and thwarted Israeli attempts to unilaterally separate from the Palestinians.

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