New footage from the Gaza flotilla massacre

This is stunning material, smuggled out and away from prying Israelis that shows the chaos on the Mavi Marmara last week. Violence against civilians is seen, as well as the bloody aftermath. Filmmaker and activist Iara Lee, one of the few Americans on the Mavi Marmara ship, tells Democracy Now!:

I can’t give you all the technical information about what is rubber bullet sound, what is, you know, live ammunition. But obviously, they came with live ammunition. And minutes afterwards, we had the megaphone in our rooms, in every room on the ship, saying, “Stay quiet and calm. They’re using live ammunition. There is no way we can resist. They are taking over the ship. Just stay calm and don’t resist at all.” You know? The other boats, they used rubber bullets and tear gas; they didn’t kill people. But in our ship, they came to kill.

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